Friday, December 26, 2003

Hey guys, I have another one now, one that I will probably update more frequently:

Sorry about the confusion.
Merry Christmas!

Don't Fear the Reaper

Saturday, December 13, 2003

Hello all. I'm starting this because I am very bored and I just had the most amazing conversation with a bot. And that scares me. During the course of the conversation, we got married several times. That scares me more. Anyway, I'm currently babysitting for a young couple in Sherborn. Two kids, perfect angels, got into bed without protest by 8:30. Unfortunately, this couple seems to think a cold house is a good one. I beg to differ. I'm am FREEZING. I want to be held. *sob* However, when I get home, I look forward to a) Making hot alphabet soup with good bread, b) eating chocolate, and c) playing Diablo II. It's 11:11 now, and I should be out of here by 11:30. $10 per hour, I think. That gives me $150 to spend on X-mas shopping (hehehe, I wonder who I'll spend it on.)

Tomorrow, I'm going to see Jason's drum concert. Apparently, Flippy is drumming too. And apparently, Flippy got one of the songs Jason wanted to play. Jason was miffed on the phone. I'm so proud of Flippy though. :-)

By the way, movie you all should see: The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys.
Book you all should read: Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson

I'm listening to: "Say A Little Prayer For You" by Aretha Franklin (It's stuck in my head, anyway)


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